The Faroese Film Institute

The Faroese Film Institute was established in beginning of 2018 with purpose of advancing and inspiring the Faroese film industry and promote the Faroe Islands as an attractive film and TV location.

With our 25% reimbursement scheme offered for film and TV production and our incredible settings in some of the most dramatic and beautiful islands in the world we focus on promoting Faroe Island abroad, develop professional skills within the Faroese film environment, improve film making, promote film culture in the Faroe Islands, advice and guidance Faroese filmmakers, promote the Faroese film industry abroad and facilitate domestic and foreign inquiries and create growth for the film industry in the Faroe Islands.


The board

Marjun Niclasen

Head of Faroese Film institute
+298 522233

Jan Berg Jørgensen

Jón Hammer

Office and contact

Vestara Bryggja 15, 3 th
100 Tórshavn

Tlf: +298 522233

V-TAL 627976
EAN-NR. 5797100000515