Manning og fyritøkur

Leita í okkara dátabasa eftir fyritøkum og einstaklingum í føroysku filmsvinnuni.
Tilber at skráseta seg her, um tú ikki ert á listanum. Rita inn um tú hevur eina konto.


Anna Joensen-Næs

Tlf: 00298585136
I have been working with film for 5 years. I have been involved in many things at Klippfisk and also worked on my own, especially as an instructor and written manuscripts for short movies and documentaries. I also work at the cultural- and Youth Department at the Faroese Broadcasting Corporation where I produce cultural programmes for radio and television. Among other things I have made a documentary series called “Can you see me?” with Maria Winther Olsen. We are now producing a second season which will be broadcasted in the spring. I have also been doing dubbing of parts in children´s programmes since I was quite young. It is also my ambition to work as an artist. I have been taking drama lessons at Sjónleikarhúsið and Dramaverkstaðið since I was very young. And I spent a year at the Danish drama continuation school Ryslinge Efterskole. I have played parts in several films – extra parts as well as larger parts.

Barbara Lervig

Tlf: +4407827763473
Barbara is a cinematographer and director, and alumni of the Northern Film School in Leeds.


Tlf: +298288366
FISH&FILM We direct and produce documentary, shorts and feature films. 
Based in the capital Tórshavn, in the Faroe Islands, our aim is to produce 
present-day story with a strong narrative, and to nourish new Faroese talent.


Tlf: +298712232
Eg havi gjørt film í nógv ár. Eg filmi, klippi og instruere fyri tað mesta dokumentarfilmar, men eg havi eisini skriva filmshandrit og instruera spælifilmar , eg havi akriva handriktið til 3 jáolakalendarar í KVF, har eg eisini var instuktørur.


Tlf: +298 288007
The company was founded in the early 2000’s. Since 2017 Raclip has produced commercials, music videos, OB productions, live-streaming events, documentaries for over 200 companies in the Faroe Islands and abroad. Raclip has 3 full-time employees with different competencies which are linked to this profile.
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