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Tlf: +298 591011
We are a team immersed in the world of Nordic advertising and film, equipped with specialized skills to navigate the challenges of the Faroe Islands, where having plans A, B, and C is a must due to the unpredictable weather. Collaborating daily with the entire Nordic film and event industry, we have a strong foundation to assist international clients in their projects and productions on the mesmerizing landscapes of the Faroe Islands. Leading the charge at FIXER.FO is Michael Koba, a seasoned producer with over 20 years of experience, closely tied to the success of KOVBOY FILM, a prominent name in advertising filmmaking.

Geir á Lofti

Tlf: +298250237
Eri 46 ár og starvist í løtuni sum lærari, ambulansafólk og sigli sum 2. meistari við uppisjóvarskipi uml 2 mán. árliga. Eri partvís sjónleikari. Útbúgvin flogskipari. Annars glaður raskur maður og havi ein son(Arnór), sum er 13 ár.

Truenorth Faroe Islands

Tlf: +298 515141
Truenorth Faroe Islands is a production service company on the Faroe Islands. We provide professional production service to shoots of all scales and sizes, using local know-how and connections to provide the best service. Truenorth has offices also in Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Finland, Spain and The Canary Islands.